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BALLHALTER EUBreakball 2017, 2018 and 2019 on a world record hunt!

The Spalding Breakball Team (Bremen) breaks and sets an incredible 5 world records with the record institute Germany. First, Michael Kopp and Mehmet Kekec (Spalding Breakball Team) bring their previously broken world records back to Germany.

The record day of basketball took place on the slaughterhouse in Bremen, Germany.

That was not the end of this beautiful summer day, because you set three more bizarre world records with Cino and Nericman in the basketball category. With two existing "Guinness World Records" from Tommy Baker and one from Mehmet Kekec, the total rises to a proud 8 world records! The Spalding Breakball Team can now officially book this on the existing record account. The breakball team is now number 2 worldwide "Most basketball records of a basketball show team".

The Spalding Breakball Team is immortalized in the official world record books "WELTREKORDE MADE IN GERMANY" AND "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2011-2019"

For 2019, the team is planning more world records for all things ball sports and they already have one or two small surprise records. But first of all, the boys celebrate their pre-Christmas presents. YOURACT! and the Spalding Breakball Team would like to thank Olaf Kuchenbecker (RID) and our main sponsors: Spalding-Basketball and BALL CLAW ™.


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